Dr. Wattson

Energy Monitoring Breakout Board for Arduino and other Maker-Friendly Microcontrollers

Easily integrate quality AC energy measurements into your next project!




What is Dr. Wattson?

Dr. Wattson is a new energy monitoring breakout board from Upbeat Labs.

Based on the MCP39F521, a single-phase power monitoring chip from Microchip, it is coupled with a rich Arduino library to facilitate energy monitoring without much ado. The board is designed to be tolerant of a wide range of voltages, which means that it can also be used with the Raspberry Pi or any other 3.3v MCUs just as easily. (For all you Raspberry Pi fans out there, that means a Raspberry Pi library if there is enough interest! 😉 So sign up and let us know!)

Dr. Wattson makes Professional-Quality energy monitoring and measurement available to the Maker, catering to both the novice and advanced user! The unit comes pre-calibrated to enable you to start taking quality measurements on the get go with just a couple of simple commands, pre-installed in a safe enclosure if you don’t want to deal with AC directly. If you are a more advanced user, you have a wide range of functionality available from the rich library, as well as the ability to tweak the hardware to suit your needs and recalibrate easily using the library.

Dr. Wattson Arduino Demo


Measure Big. Measure Small

Whether you want to measure small standby power consumption or larger loads, Dr. Wattson has you covered. Boasting a 4000:1 Dynamic Range, and capable of 0.1% accuracy, the MCP39F521 is a versatile chip, allowing you great flexibility with measurements. Dr. Wattson takes that flexibility and makes it easy to use!


Work with up to 4 boards

Solder jumpers on the board enable you to pick from 4 possible I2C addressing schemes, allowing you to control 4 of these boards from a single MCU using the same I2C bus.


ZCD and Event Pins

Use the Zero Cross Detector (ZCD) output to orchestrate any synchronization like firing a Triac for dimming.

The event pin gives you output indication on the presence of configured events of interest, like voltage surge/sag, over current, over power.


Arduino Library

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Arduino library means you can integrate this into your application and jump right away into making measurements and other functionality.


MCU Friendly

While the board is powered by 3.3v, it includes a Vin pin (set it to your MCU voltage) and bi-directional level shifting on all io pins, so you can use a 5v system or a 3.3v system without any modifications or need for level shifting.


Quality Construction

Environmentally friendly and high quality ENIG finish with 2 oz copper, and wide high voltage traces and components let you use it to measure power in systems up to 12A or more!

(traces 10A @ 10˚C rise, 15A @ 25˚C rise, with the terminal connectors rated for 300V, 12A)

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