Frequently Asked Questions

Does Talanome work with the iPad?

Yes! Talanome (from 3.0) is a universal app, designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. If you’re running previous versions of Talanome, please update (it’s free!) to the latest version.

I am not getting any sounds from my Talanome. What gives??

Talanome works with the mute button of your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone. If you have muted the speaker, you will not get any sounds when you launch the app. When you un-mute your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, you will get the rich sounds from the Talanome. On the iPad, the external button can be used to either mute/un-mute your phone, or act to lock the auto rotation of the screen. You can control the behavior by going to Settings, and navigating to the “General” settings. You will see an option to “Use Side Switch to:”,  and you can choose between “Lock Rotation” and “Mute”. If the “Lock Rotation” option is chosen and you are not getting any sounds, please switch the “Mute” option, un-mute your iPad, and then switch back to the “Lock Rotation” option. Once your iPad has been properly un-muted, you should get sound from Talanome once again.

With version 4.0, Talanome supports background play and mixing with other audio, and no longer works with the mute button (quiet a few people were confused by the mute button settings of iPhone and iPad, so we disabled that!). We hope you enjoy these enhancements! Tell us what you like – we listen!

Does Talanome/Talanome Lite work with Android phones?

At this time, Talanome only supports iOS and is not available for Android devices. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂