Talanome 6.0 – Selectable Pitch, Fractional Beats, Talam Phrases and more!

Great news, Talanome users…introducing TALANOME 6.0!!

Exciting new features have been included to help further assist you as you continue to master your skills as a Carnatic musician or classical dancer/teacher of either of these timeless traditions!

These versatile new features include:

  • The ability to select kattai (pitch) will help you find what is most suitable for your needs: choose/change pitch from 1 kattai (C) all the way to 7 kattai (B) (including half-notes)!
  • ‘Make Your Own Talam’ is now even more versatile with the option to choose fractional beats! Want to create an 11.5 beat talam? Now you can! Recreating traditional talams in different nadais is now a cinch!
  • The ability to create programmable, thus reusable “Talam Phrases” in Make Your Own Talam will help alleviate the cumbersome task of feeding lengthy and/or complex phrases over and over again. Use “Talam Phrases” to easily construct bigger Talams and Talam sequences – sequences to practice nadai transitions, for instance.
  • Keep abreast of news and updates with Push Notification support!
  • Libraries have been updated to the latest versions – keeps Talanome relevant and young!
  • Miscellaneous cleanup…

As 2016 comes to a close, we would also like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank our users…your ongoing loyalty, help, feedback and support are greatly appreciated! Please know that we thrive to continue to make Talanome the perfect accompaniment for you in all your artistic endeavors!

Upgrade your Talanome app to the latest version TODAY to avail of all of these improvements for FREE!

And for those of you who have been holding out while fiddling (pun intended!) around with Talanome Lite, please know that it is our aim to continuously improve upon Talanome – invest in yourself as a resolution for the coming New Year and better your skills with Talanome as your trusted metronomic aide!

* Please look out for tutorial videos to help further illustrate the versatility of Talanome 6.0 – available to everyone in the New Year! *

Happy holidays, everyone! 😊

Update: 1/16/2017

Here is the first of the video series – Introducing Talanome 6.0. Hope you enjoy it! 😊

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